There are four seasons in a year. They are spring ,summer ,fall and winter. I love spring best. Because spring is a beautiful season. When spring comes ,everything begins to grow.
My humorous friend2014-11-29
She doesn’t have long hair, but big eyes ,a small mouth . She is very slim .Her hobbies are taking photos , speaking English , playing badminton and reading books . There’re a lot of books in her bookshelves . She is very interested and humorous .
教您學英語 周夢瑤2014-11-29
My day2014-11-28
Today is Sunday. It is sunny. I don't go to school. I want go shopping. I get up at half past seven in the morning.I have some cereal and an egg for breakfast. I go out at 8:00. The shop is near . I go there on foot. Many people are in the shop. I buy a pencil .
Special Holiday2014-11-28
I had a fun and special holiday.On Monday,I did my homework and read some interesting story-books.Tuesday morning,I went to a big nice supermarket.I bought a lot of food.
My hobby2014-11-27
Do you know what’s my hobby? Swimming? Playing computer games? No, they are not my hobbies.
Hello!I'm Pan Tao.I'm a girl and I'm nine.I'm from Tai Ming school.I study very hard.I like English lessons very much.I like spors and music.I can ride a bike and speak English.Peaches are my favourrite fruit.I feel very happy,my life is very intersting!
A rainy Sunday2014-11-26
I was at home ,In the morning , I was happy ,First , I finished my homework .Then I watched TV .Next I played the piano .After that , I danced in the living room , In the afternoon ,I painted a pictue .
A Bee and A Candy2014-11-26
One day, a bee saw a candy. He asked the candy: Do you dare to fly with me? The candy thought a little while and said: OK, Let’s do it! The bee said: Let’s do it tomorrow. The destination is your master’s bed.
My English teacher2014-11-25
My English teacher is Miss White. She looks young and very nice. She is tall and thin. She has short black hair and a small nose.. She has blue eyes and a big mouth . she has two small ears. She likes yellow and blue. She likes wearing(穿著) a blue dress . She likes bread,eggs,apples and fish very much.
My Last Winter Holiday2014-11-25
I was very busy last winter holiday. On February third,I did my housework. In the morning, I washed the clothes . In the afternoon , I cleaned my room. On fourth ,I painted pictures and listened to music. On fifth , I went to Gucheng with my parents.
my summer vacation2014-11-24
Swimming there people with swimming circle, because there is a depth of 60 meters, where there is a diving platform.
A poster2014-11-24
Welcome to Jinqiao center primary school. There is a library in our school. It is big. There are many books in it. We can read books in library…… Do you want to know more about the school? Welcome to our school!
My School Day2014-11-23
Now let me introduce one day in my school for you . My school day is very wonderful . We have Chinese , Math , English and some other interesting classes .
My self2014-11-23
I'm active and tall.I have two big eyes and a small nose.I like grapes, Thay are sweet and sour. I ofent wath TV and read books.
my new teacher2014-11-22
I have a new music teacher. She‘ twenty year oid. She' from China.
What would you like?2014-11-22
A: What is this? B: It’s an apple. A: What are these? B: They are pears. A: How many pears are there?
Li Hong's vacation2014-11-21
The weather will be sunny and hot.What are they going to do? Theyare going to visit the Great Wall,visit their friends and relatives,go shopping and eat some good food.
A crow felt very thirsty. He looked for water everywhere. Finally, he found a pitcher. But there was not a lot of water in the pitcher.
My weekends2014-11-20
There are two day on the weekend, Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday , I often do my homework or play basketball in the morning and I often play Pong-ping and I often help monther do housework. My weekend fun and sweet of me.
My friend2014-11-20
Ihave a new friend.Her name is ZhongShiqing.She is a pretty girl and she hasa big eyes,long black hail.She is12 years old.She andIin the sameclass.She likesread book.I like read book too.I am very like her.
I like!2014-11-19
My mine is kanglanxin .Im ten.Im like swimming、dancing and sleeping!Today is Saturday .Im go to the swimming pool. Because I very like swimming !Today is very happy!
My favourate tiher2014-11-19
My favourate animal is tiger,because tiger is very strong and powerful,it is the king of the forest.
My favorite garden2014-11-18
I most like the gargen from a book,this book calledthe secret garden.This a revivegarden.I love everything there,the lovely flowers ang trees,the blue sky superior arth,bright sunshine,clear moving the song of the birds,the gentle breeze,sweet air.
A Big Fire2014-11-18
One night Liu Ming was lying in bed. Then suddenly a loud cry for help woke him up.
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