VOA常速英語視頻:Syria's Uprising Enters Third Year2013-03-28
VOA常速英語視頻:Senior Citizens Express Anxiety About US Budget Cuts2013-03-28
VOA常速英語視頻:Pope Gives Final Audience2013-03-28
VOA常速英語視頻:Displaced Kenyan Voters Hope for Reconciliation2013-03-28
VOA常速英語視頻:Kenyan Presidential Candidates Make Final Push2013-03-28
VOA常速英語視頻:Talks With Russia in Spotlight as Kerry Visits Berlin2013-03-28
VOA常速英語視頻:Most Entertaining Documentary May Win The Oscar2013-03-28
VOA常速英語視頻:Leaked White House Proposal Complicates Immigration Reform Effort2013-03-28
VOA常速英語視頻:Horse Meat Scandal Spreads Across Europe2013-03-28
VOA常速英語視頻:Missile Defense System Keeps Watch on Syria2013-03-28
VOA常速英語視頻:US Troop Reduction to Test Afghans2013-03-28
VOA常速英語視頻:Health Crisis Threatens Displaced Syrians2013-03-28
VOA常速英語視頻:Syrian Rebel Town Empties After Government Bombing2013-03-13
VOA常速英語視頻:Displaced Syrian Children Struggle for Education2013-03-13
VOA常速英語視頻:Oscar-Nominated Film Traces Journey of Ailing African Youngsters2013-03-11
VOA常速英語視頻:Rise in Egypt Sex Attacks Prompts Protests2013-03-11
VOA常速英語視頻:Global Leaders Condemn N. Korea's Latest Nuclear Test2013-03-11
VOA常速英語視頻:Five Actresses Compete For Coveted Oscar2013-03-11
VOA常速英語視頻:Stakes High for Third North Korean Nuclear Test2013-03-11
VOA常速英語視頻:Black History Illuminated by Tracing Lives of Former Slaves2013-03-11
VOA常速英語視頻:Battle for US Immigration Reform Gathers Steam2013-03-11
VOA常速英語視頻:Acting Alone in Mali Has its Rewards and Limits2013-03-11
VOA常速英語視頻:Obama to Speak About His Faith at Prayer Breakfast2013-03-11
VOA常速英語視頻:London Set for Huge Chinese New Year Celebrations2013-03-11
VOA常速英語視頻:Afghan Youth Orchestra Prepares to Play US Venues2013-03-11
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