該音頻有LRC字幕 pep人教版小學英語三起點第八冊 Unit1 How tall are you? (A)2018-12-15
Unit one How tall are you? 第一單元你身高多少? Let's chant 讓我們唱 Mike is taller than Lee.Lee is taller than Sue, 邁克比李.李比蘇, Sue is taller than Amy,How tall are you? 蘇比艾米高,你有多高?
該音頻有LRC字幕 pep人教版小學英語三起點第八冊 Unit1 How tall are you? (B)2018-12-14
B Let's learn 讓我們學會 heavier 較重的 thinner 較薄 longer 較長 bigger 再大的 smaller 較小的 His tail is longer. His head is smaller. 尾巴長.他的頭很小. Let's try Listen,write and circle.
該音頻有LRC字幕 pep人教版小學英語三起點第八冊,Unit1 How tall are you? (C)2018-12-14
C pronunciation pain 痛苦的 baby 嬰兒 tail 尾巴 day 一天 pine 松樹 bike 自行車 type 類型 dive 潛水 point 點 boy 男孩 toy 玩具 doyen 老前輩 Pain 疼痛 tail 尾巴 toy 玩具 dive 潛水 L
該音頻有LRC字幕 pep人教版小學英語三起點第八冊Words in Unit12018-12-13
Words in Unit 1 taller shorter stronger older 更高的 更矮的 更強壯 年齡更大的 younger cm[centimeter]
該音頻有LRC字幕 pep人教版小學英語三起點第八冊Unit2 What’s the matter, Mike? (A)2018-12-13
Unit Two What's the matter,Mike? 第二單元 怎么回事,邁克? Let's chant 讓我們唱 How are you feeling? Fine.How are you? 你今天怎么樣? 好的.你呢? I have a headche.I have the flu. 我有一個頭痛.
該音頻有LRC字幕 pep人教版小學英語三起點第八冊,Unit2 What’s the matter, Mike? (B)2018-12-12
B Let's learn 讓我們學會 tired 累 excited 激動 angry 憤怒 happy 快樂 sad 悲傷 bored 無聊 How does Amy feel? She's tired. 艾米感覺如何? 她累了. Let's try Listen and number. 讓我們試
該音頻有LRC字幕 pep人教版小學英語三起點第八冊Unit2 What’s the matter, Mike? (C)2018-12-12
C Pronunciation coat 毛衣 know 知道 hole 孔 load 負載 soap 香皂 rose 玫瑰 count計數 now 現在 house 房子 loud大聲 south 南 arouse 引起 Read and match. 閱讀和匹配. count 計數 rose 玫瑰 soap
該音頻有LRC字幕 pep人教版小學英語三起點第八冊Words in Unit22018-12-11
Words in Unit 2 have a fever hut have a cold have a toothache 發燒 疼痛 感冒; 傷風 牙疼 have a headache have a sore th
該音頻有LRC字幕 pep人教版小學英語三起點第八冊 Unit3 Last weekend (A)2018-12-11
Unit Three Last weekend 三單元 最后一個周末 Let's chant讓我們唱 Did you go to the park? Yes,I went to the park.你去公園了嗎? 是的,我去公園. Did you go at night? Yes,I went at night.你晚上去? 是的,我
該音頻有LRC字幕 pep人教版小學英語三起點第八冊Unit3 Last weekend (B)2018-12-10
B Let's learn讓我們學會 went to a park去公園, went swimming去游泳 read a book 讀一本書 went fishing去釣魚 went hiking. 去遠足 What did you do yesterday? 昨天你干什么了? I went hiking
該音頻有LRC字幕 pep人教版小學英語三起點第八冊 Unit3 Last weekend (C)2018-12-10
C Pronunciation period 期fear擔心 here 這里shear剪切 cheer歡呼 pear梨 fair金色的hair 頭發shair chair椅 poor 可憐的sure確定 Read and match閱讀和匹配 beer 啤酒cheers歡呼 pear梨 poor差 Let's check 1 Wh
該音頻有LRC字幕 pep人教版小學英語三起點第八冊Words in Unit32018-12-09
Words in Unit Three watch[watched] wash[washed] clean[cleaned] play[played] 看 洗 打掃 玩 visit[visited] do[did]
該音頻有LRC字幕 pep人教版小學英語三起點第八冊 Unit4 My Holiday(A)2018-12-09
Unit Four My Holiday我的假期 Let's chant讓我們唱 Today I went to school.I worked very hard today, 今天我去了學校.今天我很努力的工作, I studied and played and learned a lot,When is the holiday? 我
該音頻有LRC字幕 pep人教版小學英語三起點第八冊 Unit4 My Holiday(B)2018-12-08
B Let's learn讓我們學會 bought買了 presents禮物 rowed a boat 劃船 saw看到 elephants大象 went skiing滑雪 went ice-skating溜冰 What did you do on your holiday? 假期你做什么了? I bought presents
該音頻有LRC字幕 pep人教版小學英語三起點第八冊 Unit4 My Holiday(C)2018-12-08
C Let's check 1 Where did you go on your holiday? 你假期去哪兒了? I went to Zhejiang.我去浙江了. What did you do there? 你在那兒做什么了? I rowed a boat and took pictures.我劃船,照相了.2 Where did yo
該音頻有LRC字幕 pep人教版小學英語三起點第八冊Words in Unit42018-12-07
Words in Unit 4 learn Chinese sing[sang] and 學習 中文; 漢語 唱歌 和 dance[danced] eat[ate] good
該音頻有LRC字幕 pep人教版小學英語三起點第八冊 Recycle 12018-12-07
Recycle 1 Let's Take a Trip!讓我們去旅行! 1.Read and say.1讀和說. Where are you going on your holiday? 假期你打算去哪里? I am going to visit Kunming.我要去昆明. Oh.Who are you going with? 哦.你跟誰
該音頻有LRC字幕 pep人教版小學英語三起點第八冊 Recycle 22018-12-06
Recycle 2 A Farewell Party 1.Let's read.1.讓我們看一下. Good morning,boys and girls.It is the end of the school year.早上好,男孩和女孩.今天是本學年的結束. We're going to have a farewell party n
該音頻有LRC字幕 pep人教版小學英語三起點第八冊 Appendix 12018-12-06
Appendix 1 THE THREE LITTLE PLGS Once upon a time,there were three little pigs,named Pete,Pat and Paul.從前,有三只小豬,叫皮特,帕特和保羅. They were brothers.One day,they left their mother's hou