英語讀物:The dental crown jewels 英女王女兒乳牙做胸針2011-04-10
As far as Queen Victoria and her husband were concerned, no event was deemed unworthy of commemoration. Even, it seems, incorporating the first milk tooth lost by their eldest daughter.
英語讀物:Upside-down house to open 德顛倒房屋將迎客(圖)2011-04-10
A bizarre upside-down house created on the grounds of a German zoo will be open to the public on March 30, the Daily Mail reported.
英語讀物:Man marries pillow 韓男子娶動漫抱枕(圖)2011-04-09
A South Korean man has married a life-size pillow which bears the image of his favorite Japanese anime character Fate Testarossa from the Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, Reuters reported.
英語讀物:Zebra puts head in hippo mouth 斑馬幫河馬清牙齒(圖)2011-04-09
An extraordinary spectacle was captured by a photographer at the Zurich Zoo in Switzerland when a zebra leaned into the gaping mouth of a hippopotamus (see photo), the Daily Mail reported Thursday.
英語讀物:World biggest house of cards 澳門誕生撲克建筑(圖)2011-04-08
An American architect has broken his own Guinness World Record by building the largest house of free-standing playing cards, the Daily Mail reported Thursday.
英語讀物:Car runs on coffee 咖啡動力汽車問世(圖)2011-04-08
A car that runs on coffee beans has been unveiled in the UK. Nicknamed the Car-puccino, it has been created using a converted 1988 Volkswagen Scirocco bought for EUR400.
英語讀物:Woods' mistress golf balls 伍茲情婦版高爾夫(圖)2011-04-07
A US company is selling a set of golf balls named the Tiger Woods Mistress Collection, which includes 12 balls, each featuring a portrait of the women involved in the Tiger Woods' sex scandal. The set sells for $58.9, including shipping.
英語讀物:World's 1st 'zero star hotel' 世界首家'零星級'賓館2011-04-07
Touted as the world's first "zero star hotel," the Null Stern Hotel in the town of St Gallen, Switzerland is in fact a converted underground nuclear bunker (see photo), the Daily Telegraph reported.
英語讀物:Squirrels nabbed by coconuts 松鼠偷吃椰子被卡(圖)2011-04-06
A pair of greedy squirrels immersed themselves in coconut shells (see photo), which had been hollowed out for them by householder Jane Roberts, Daily Mail reported Monday.
英語讀物:US cardboard boat regatta 美舉行劃紙船大賽(圖)2011-04-06
More than 130 students took part in the annual Lakewood High School physics class cardboard boat regatta Wednesday in Lakewood, Ohio, the US. Using only untreated brown cardboard and clear packing tape, each team built a boat that could hold 2 students.
英語讀物:'Baby' robot developed 嬰兒機器人可自學(圖)2011-04-05
A baby robot that can learn to roll over and crawl through trial and error was unveiled Wednesday in Osaka, Japan.
英語讀物:Fake shop fronts in the UK 英修櫥窗'粉飾繁榮'(圖)2011-04-05
As shops on business streets in the UK are decimated by the recession, fake business facades have been installed to create the illusion that shops are still occupied, the Daily Mail reported Thursday.
英語讀物:Belarus fights beauty drain 白俄限制美女出國(圖)2011-04-04
The president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, has given an order to set limits for beautiful local girls going abroad, as a move to fight a serious beauty drain in the country.
英語讀物:Indian 'Rubber Man' most flexible 印'橡膠人'柔韌驚人(圖)2011-04-04
Vijay Sharma, dubbed Rubber Man, can contort his limbs into a series of insane positions, the Daily Mail reported Monday.
英語讀物:Chips for JAL uniforms 日空姐制服擬植入芯片2011-04-04
Japan Airlines (JAL) is considering sewing security chips into their stewardess uniforms because they have become so popular on the black market, local media reported.
英語讀物:Meat-free day in Taiwan 臺灣倡導'周一無肉日'2011-04-04
Taiwan has launched a Meat Free Monday campaign to reduce meat consumption in a bid to cut methane emissions by livestock in the face of environmental challenges, China News Service reported Sunday.
英語讀物:Sex pics cause teacher suicide 英艷照女教師自殺(圖)2011-04-03
A British teacher drank cleaning fluid and died after her ex-boyfriend posted pictures of her nude on the Internet, the Daily Mail reported Thursday. Emma Jones (see photo), 24, worked at an international school in Abu Dhabi and feared she could be jailed over the images.
英語讀物:Cat acts like a mother hen 澳寵物貓幫雞孵蛋(圖)2011-04-03
Four-year-old male cat Bustopher, who lives in Australia, thinks and acts like a chicken, Australian media reported Wednesday. The funny feline's owner, Naomi Oliver, said Bustopher often wanders around in the chicken pen, playing with the chickens as if he were one of them.
英語讀物:SeaWorld whale kills trainer 殺人鯨甩死馴獸師2011-04-03
A killer whale at SeaWorld Orlando, in Florida, fatally attacked a woman trainer Wednesday as horrified visitors looked on. Witnesses said the 6-ton bull orca suddenly jumped out of tank, grabbed Dawn Brancheau, 40, around the waist and thrashed her all around.
英語讀物:Sticky tape makes sculptures 膠帶塑造萬千世界(圖)2011-04-03
These amazing see-through sculptures have been fashioned from clear tape, as entries in an art competition organized by Scotch, a sticky tape manufacturer, which asked entrants to use its products to create their masterpieces, the Daily Mail reported.
英語讀物:Facebook 大整容2010-01-12
Facebook is getting a makeover Facebook users is about to get a makeover.
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