跟TingVoa背英語短文 第106篇:鄉村客棧一個陰雨的星期天2013-06-19
A wet Sunday in a country inn ! Whoever has had the luck to experience one(1) can alone judge of(2) my situation. The rain pattered against the casements; the bells tolled for church with a melancholy sound.
跟TingVoa背英語短文 第105篇:詹姆斯·瓦特和水壺2013-06-19
A little Scotch boy was sitting in his grandmother's kit- chen. He was watching the red flames in the wide open fire- place and quietly wondering about the causes of things. In- deed, he was always wondering and always wanting to know.
跟TingVoa背英語短文 第104篇:A Curious Decision奇妙的載決2013-06-18
A poor chimney-sweeper, who had not enough money to buy a meal, stopped one hot summer day at noon before an eating-house, and remained regaling his nose with the smell of the victuals.
跟TingVoa背英語短文 第103篇:Choosing An Occupation選擇職業2013-06-18
I am very sorry that the pressure of other occupations has prevented me from sending an earlier reply to your letter.
跟TingVoa背英語短文 第102篇:Spring春天2013-06-17
Lambs frisk' and play, the shepherds pipe all day, And we hear aye birds tune this merry lay,(7) Cuckoo, jug-jug' pu,we, to-witta-woo !
跟TingVoa背英語短文 第101篇:A little Girl 小女孩2013-06-17
Sitting on a grassy grave, beneath one of the windows of the church, was a little girl.(1) With her head bent back(2) she was gazing up at the sky and singing, while one of her little hands was pointing to a tiny cloud that hovered like a golden feather above her head.
跟TingVoa背英語短文 第100篇:Animal And Machine動物與機器2013-06-16
The body of an animal may well be compared with(1) some machine like a locomotive engine. Indeed, the animal body is a machine.
跟TingVoa背英語短文 第099篇:Address at Gettysburg葛提斯堡演說2013-06-16
Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal(2)
跟TingVoa背英語短文 第098篇:Who Loves His Country愛國志士2013-06-15
He is not satisfied to claim As heritage her power and fame,(5) But, striving, earns the light to wear The shining honor of her name.
跟TingVoa背英語短文 第097篇:小客棧的樂趣2013-06-15
We dined at an excellent inn at Chapelhouse(2), where Dr. Johnson expatiated on the felicity of England in its taverns and inns, and triumphed over(3) the French for not having, in any perfection, the tavern life.
跟TingVoa背英語短文 第096篇:受命統率全軍2013-06-14
You may believe me, when I assure you in the most solemn manner that, so far from(2) seeking this employment, I have used every effort in my power to avoid it, not only from my unwillingness to part with you and the family, but from a consciousness
跟TingVoa背英語短文 第095篇:露天世界的夜晚2013-06-14
Night is a dead and monotonous period under a roof(1); but in the open world(2) it passes lightly, with its stars and dews and perfumes, and the hours are marked by changes in the face of Nature.
跟TingVoa背英語短文 第094篇:科學實驗的重要性2013-06-13
The rise of modern science may perhaps be considered to date as far back as the time of Roger Bacon(1), the wonderful monk and philosopher of Oxford(2), who lived between the years 1214 and 1292.
跟TingVoa背英語短文 第093篇:The Flight of Youth青春的飛逝2013-06-13
There are gains for all our losses. There are balms for all our pain: But when youth, the dream, departs(1) It takes something from our hearts, And it never comes again.
跟TingVoa背英語短文 第092篇:An Hour before Sunrise日出前的一小時2013-06-11
An hour before sunrise in the city there is all air of cold, solitary desolation about the noiseless streets, which we are accustomed to see thronged at other times by a busy, eager crowd, and over the quiet, closely shut buildings which throughout the day are swarming with life.
跟TingVoa背英語短文 第091篇:On Etiquette論禮儀2013-06-11
Etiquette to society is what apparel is to the individual. Without apparel men would go in shameful nudity which would surely lead to the corruption of morals; and without etiquette society would be in a pitiable state and the necessary intercourse between its members would be interfered with by needless offences and troubles.
跟TingVoa背英語短文 第090篇:The House Cricket屋內蟋蟀2013-06-11
Crickets are fond of kitchens and bakers' ovens on account of their warmth. Tender insects that live abroad either enjoy only the short period of one summer, or else doze away the cold, uncomfortable months in profound slumbers;
跟TingVoa背英語短文 第089篇:Reading Good Books閱讀好書2013-06-11
Devote some of your leisure, I repeat, to cultivating a love of reading good books. Fortunate indeed are those who contrive to make themselves genuine book-lovers. For book- lovers have some noteworthy advantages over other people.
跟TingVoa背英語短文 第088篇:Trees樹2013-06-10
I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree; A tree whose hungry mouth is prest(1) Against the earth's sweet flowing breast(2);
跟TingVoa背英語短文 第087篇:Pines松樹2013-06-10
The pine, placed nearly always among scenes disordered and desolate, brings into them all possible elements of order and precision. Lowland trees may lean to this side and that, though it is but a meadow breeze that bends them, or a bank of cowslips(1) from which their trunks lean aslope(2).
跟TingVoa背英語短文 第085篇:The Humming-Bird 蜂鳥2013-06-09
Of all animated beings this is the most elegant in form and the most brilliant in colors. The stones and metals polished by our arts are not comparable to(1) this jewel of Nature(2).
跟TingVoa背英語短文 第085篇:The first snow 初雪2013-06-09
The first snow came. How beautiful it was, falling so silently all day long, all night long, on the mountains, on the meadows, on the roofs of the living, on the graves of the dead!(1) All with(2) save(3) the river, that marked its course(4) by a winding black line across the landscape;
跟TingVoa背英語短文 第084篇:A Lesson Learned at Midnight2013-06-08
Next, I believe there is good and evil in all of us. Thomas Mann comes close to expressing what I’m trying to say to you with his carefully worded sentence about the frightfully radical duality between the brain and the beast in man—in all of us.
跟TingVoa背英語短文 第083篇:我的小提琴生活2013-06-08
The turning point of my life was my decision to give up a promising business career and study music. My parents, although sympathetic, and sharing my love of music, disapproved of it as a profession.
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