Listen To This》是按照國家教委頒布的《高等學校英語專業基礎階段英語教學大綱》和《高等學校英語專業高年級英語教學大綱》要求,根據中國英語教學的特點而編寫的系列聽力教程。整套教程共分為初級,中級和高級三冊,其中:

 Listen To This1(初級)適合大學一年級學生或英語初學者使用;

 Listen To This2(中級)的對象是大學二年級學生和有中等英語水平的自學者使用;

 Listen To This3(高級)可供大學三,四年級學生和有較高英語水平的自學者使用。

“Listen To This”每級配備《學生用書》和《教師用書》等。和。《學生用書》以錄音材料中的生詞表,文化背景注釋和配套的練習為主。《教師用書》則包含錄音的書面材料,練習答案和相關文化背景知識的補充讀物。“Listen To This”涉及日常生活各個方面,完全選自歐美有聲資料。

《Listen To This 第二冊》聽力音頻打包下載(音頻+文本)2019-06-15
Listen To This 2 第36課2017-02-21
Lesson 36 Just before I give a few details about the-er-fun aspect of computers that is, for use at home and for entertainment-I'd like to men
Listen To This 2 第35課2017-02-21
Lesson 35 Tom: ... when I was living ... in North Africa, and I had a cook, and I'd been there for several years, you see. And I was just going to come on leave
Listen To This 2 第34課2017-02-20
Lesson 34 Like most of us, I was pretty skeptical about palmistry, and I still am to some extent, but I have found one or two interesting things which I'd like
Listen To This 2 第33課2017-02-20
Lesson 33 Angela: Would you like ... to tell me about it? Denise: Yes, I think ... it's rather a unique experience, actually. I was in New York, er, er, a few y
Listen To This 2 第32課2017-02-19
Lesson 32 Interviewer: Could you tell me how we should keep fit? Dr. Davis: Well really what we should do is to try to erm keep fit all round. Now what do I mea
Listen To This 2 第31課2017-02-19
Lesson 31 Denise: On the contrary, I don't agree at all with people who say graphology is all nonsense. I think that at last it is beginning to be taken serious
Listen To This 2 第30課2017-02-18
Lesson 30 Jane: Now look, er, what's all this, er, story about you and this car I've been hearing so much about? Everybody else has been hearing it, but you hav
Listen To This 2 第29課2017-02-18
Lesson 29 Linda: Oh, yes, I remember. We were conducting a survey into the, the needs of disabled people in the borough (Yes) in which I work in London. And we
Listen To This 2 第28課2017-02-17
Lesson 28 Robert: Now, one of the biggest hurdles to cross in getting a good job is the interview. There's no getting away from it, because in nearly every case
Listen To This 2 第27課2017-02-17
Lesson 27 Interviewer: I understand you're interested in holistic medicine. Can you explain what holistic medicine is? Vivienne: OK. Holistic medicine, um, take
Listen To This 2 第26課2017-02-16
Lesson 26 Interest in sport in Britain is widespread, as is indicated by the huge crowds which attend such occasions as the Football Association Cup Final at We
Listen To This 2 第25課2017-02-16
Lesson 25 Mary: On holiday, one summer, we were camping, of course, (Yes, of course) er, and had been to Italy and, er, back into France (Yeah) and, at the bord
Listen To This 2 第24課2017-02-15
Lesson 24 Brigid: Mrs. Kellerman, why is it that some children perform much better than others at school? Mrs. Kellerman: Obviously, it can't be denied that cer
Listen To This 2 第23課2017-02-15
Lesson 23 Interviewer: Hello. My name's Hudson. Dick Hudson. Applicant: I'm Pamela Gable. Interviewer: Well, take a seat, please. Miss Gable-it is Miss, i
Listen To This 2 第22課2017-02-14
Lesson 221. The houses they lived in were not meant to be permanent dwellings; as a matter of fact, we have no remaining evidence of their houses. Probably in
Listen To This 2 第21課2017-02-14
Lesson 21 Stuart: What did you do last night then? Did you work all night? Judy: Yes, I did some work (Yes) but erm ... I watched a bit of TV ... (Uh-huh) got t
Listen To This 2 第20課2017-02-13
Lesson 20 Principal: Well it looks to me as if we shall have to fit him in somewhere. What does Monday morning look like? Secretary: Well, Monday morning is ext
Listen To This 2 第19課2017-02-13
Lesson 19 Presenter: This week's financial talk will be given by our property expert, James Milligan, who is here to tell us about some surprising new developm
Listen To This 2 第18課2017-02-12
Lesson 18 Host (Michael Parkhurst): Good evening, and welcome again to the 'Michael Parkhurst Talkabout'. In tonight's programme, we're looking at the problem o
Listen To This 2 第17課2017-02-12
Lesson 17 Here is a summary of the news. Shots are fired in a south London street by escaping bank robbers. Four rock fans die in a stampede at a concert Chica
Listen To This 2 第16課2017-02-11
Lesson 16 BBC interviewer: It's probably true to say that women have been affected more than men by recent changes in the way we actually live. Over a hundred y
Listen To This 2 第15課2017-02-11
Lesson 15 A: Did you hear on the news today about that ... uh ... murderer who was executed? B: I can't believe it. A: Yeah. That's the first time in ten years
Listen To This 2 第14課2017-02-10
Lesson 14 Here is a summary of the news. No general election yet says the Prime Minister. Five people die in an earthquake in central Italy. And £1/4 million
Listen To This 2 第13課2017-02-10
Lesson 13 Lesley: Ah ... it's such a lovely day. It reminds me of last week, doesn't it you? Fiona: Oh don't! I mean that was just so fantastic, that holiday! L