Procession: 行列,隊伍In Lebanon, noisy street processions mourned former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri a day before the funeral that will bring international leaders to Beirut. Angry Lebanese attacked
Inmate: 同住者,同室者American troops opened fire to put down a riot Monday at a prison camp in southern Iraq that left four inmates dead and six wounded, U.S. military officials said.美國軍方官員表示
Disclose: 揭露,透露,泄露Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld disclosed Thursday that he had offered President Bush his resignation twice during the height of the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal l
A state of panic: 恐慌狀態Iraqi women face more stress than they can handle, another candidate, Widjan al-Khuzri told ABC News recently. We live in a state of panic.伊拉克的婦女壓力太大,幾乎不堪
Normalcy: 標準,常態More than 100 schools reopened throughout the province, to give surviving pupils some kind of normalcy.全省百余家學校恢復上課,給劫后余生的孩子們一種回到從前的感覺.Corpsman: 醫務
Convoy: 護送隊The White House on Wednesday said the search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq has ended without any evidence of the banned weapons, while guerrillas attacked a joint U.S.-Iraqi c
Give no ground: 毫不讓步Secretary of State nominee Condoleezza Rice gave no ground in Senate confirmation questioning Tuesday, insisting the United States was fully prepared for the Iraq war and its
Beef up: 加強,補充But experts warn the high-tech network of sensors and buoys would be useless unless countries like Indonesia beef up communications links to the coastal communities that would be h
Pragmatic: 實干的,注重實效的The victory of the staid and pragmatic Abbas, who has spoken out against violence and has the backing of the international community, was expected to usher in a new era,
Shiite: 什葉派教徒A main Sunni Muslim political party withdrew from Iraqs upcoming elections on Monday, and a suicide bomb attack on the nations largest Shiite party killed at least six peo
Ebbed: 退潮,衰落Israeli troops killed nine Palestinians during a raid into Gaza, the bloodiest in two weeks, where fighting has not ebbed despite expectations that moderate Mahmoud Abbas will win a
Round up: 圍捕,使集攏Police rounded up dozens of suspects on Monday after twin suicide car bombings killed 66 people in Iraqs Shiite holy cities, attacks that intensified fears of sectarian vio
Buffer zone: 緩沖地帶UN peacekeepers moved in on Tuesday to create a buffer zone between rival factions of the Congolese army.聯合國維和部隊于周二進入該地區,在剛果軍隊敵對的兩派系間隔離出一條緩沖地帶
專四聽力新聞詞匯精選六110.Sour grapes 酸葡萄111.Spring fever 花粉熱,春倦癥112.Sporless 無污點的113.the stork (white stork) 鸛(白鸛)象征嬰兒的誕生114.Sugar daddy 在少女身上亂花錢的老色迷115.Sweet t
專四聽力新聞詞匯精選五73.Nuke 核武器74.Pain in the neck 頭痛的事75.Pain killer 止痛藥76.Peanuts 小零碎,微不足道的錢77.Pee wee 小人物78.Pen 監獄79.Pick Pocket 扒手80.Can 洗手間81.Pig out 狼吞虎回地吃
專四聽力新聞詞匯精選四30.Dark horse 黑馬,爆冷門的運動員31.Dear john(little) 絕交信32.Diploma mill 文憑制造工廠,不入流學校 33.Doodle 信手涂畫,邊想事邊亂涂寫34.Down-to-earth 現實的,實際的35.early b
新聞詞匯精選三87.West Point 西點88.Wheel of Fortune 幸運之輪89.White House 白宮90.White Christmas 白色圣誕節91.Yellowstone National Park 黃石國家公園92.Zorro 佐羅93.Yuppies 雅皮士 94.Oscar Awards 奧斯
專四聽力新聞詞匯精選二文本下載新聞詞匯精選二44.Kodak 科達45.Korean War 朝鮮戰爭46.Lincoln Memorial 林肯紀念碑47.Little Rock 小萬城 48.Los Angeles 洛杉機 49.Bruce Lee 李小龍50.McDonalds 麥當勞51.Madon
專四聽力新聞詞匯精選一下載新聞詞匯精選一1.Academy Awards 學院獎(奧斯卡金像獎)2. Apollo Program 阿波羅計劃3. Mr Bean 豆子先生4. Beat Generation 垮了的一代5. Bible 《圣經》6. Black Monday 黑色星期一7