TED(指Technology, Entertainment, Design在英語中的縮寫,即技術、娛樂、設計)是美國的一家私有非營利機構,該機構以它組織的TED大會著稱。TED誕生於1984年,其發起人是里查德·沃曼。

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Nothing makes me prouder than to know that this is my culture. Like all of you, I am very proud to be Chinese, and very grateful that I have been given the gift of this wonderful heritage. It is a gift that serves as a source of strength and as a guiding compass every single day in my life and in my career.
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We want to be number one in beauty worldwide and number one in satisfying our customers and sales representatives. We want to be the best place to work. We want to be the leader in philanthropy. And we want to be one of the worlds most successful companies.
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But believe me, it hasnt been easy for a single day. I work far harder now than I ever have in my life. Ive had to embrace constant change, and every time I think Ive finally mastered the situation a new challenge comes along I hadnt anticipated.
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The only problem was, the meeting occurred at the same time as my daughters first big trip away from home. It was a big moment for her and her friends—to go on a multiple day trip—and my daughter needed me to be there. What should I do.
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One of the things Ive learned about myself is that I tend to be impatient in solving problems. Instead of listening to the opinions of others, I try right away to find solutions. I have had to learn that other people can give me valuable input and that listening makes me a better leader.
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There was a time in my Avon career when I was passed over for a promotion to be the CEO. I had a job offer to be the head of another company, but a woman I respected gave me some good advice. She told me always to follow my heart, not my head. So I followed my heart and stayed at Avon.
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I am equally excited about our progress with the development of the next generation of Avons women leaders in China. Women now account for 78% of our total workforce here.
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This not only proved unfair, it also proved to be a poor business decision. The lack of women in management came to hurt Avon. Between 1975 and 1985, more than twelve and a half million women entered the United States work force. These working women had to be served in new ways.
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In a way, my own experiences reflect those of many women in the business arena who struggle to retain the best of who they are while carving out a successful management career. During my visit here, I have met and talked with so many women, and I am truly heartened that the doors of opportunity are beginning to open for women in every field.
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The letter reads: Remember, there are distinctive qualities that set apart the successful Chinese. . . . strive to excel in all you do; be a superb parent willing to curtail your own pleasure for the sake of better nurturing your children; be generous, fair, tolerant, eager to learn from other cultures while sharing your own.
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We grew up believing that being Chinese was the greatest advantage in life; in our house, everything important in life came from China, was invented in China, owed all to the Chinese.
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I was raised in a traditional Chinese family where achievement was not demanded, but expected. My father, born in Hong Kong, was a successful architect. My mother, born in Shanghai, was the first female chemical engineer in her graduating class at the University of Toronto in Canada.
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The roller coaster ride has opened my eyes to many things. . . . about the increasingly complex demands of running a business today, about my own competencies and the need to constantly challenge and renew my own commitment to being a better leader.
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I was offered the job as CEO of Avon four years ago, and it has certainly been an experience of a lifetime for me ever since. Weve had a spectacular success, modernizing everything about the company from top to bottom.
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Good afternoon everyone. I cant tell you how honored I am to be here with you to talk about my thoughts on leadership and to share my experiences as one of only a handful of women today running a major global corporation.
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