[VOA標準英語]Honduras Shuts Down Broadcasters, Some Constitutional Rights Suspended2009-09-30
The interim government in Honduras has closed two news broadcasters and suspended some constitutional rights in response to the country's ongoing political crisis. In Tegucigal, officials say they are concerned that supporters of ousted President Manuel Zelaya, who has taken refuge in the Brazilian embassy, might seek to destabilize the country.
[VOA標準英語]Afghan Minister: 'We Agree with McChrystal Assessment'2009-09-30
Afghanistan's foreign minister told the United Nations General Assembly that his government welcomes the assessment from the U.S. and NATO commander in his country that more troops are needed to fight the Taliban. Meanwhile, as the annual debate continued on Monday, ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya addressed delegates by mobile telephone from the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa, where he has taken refuse since last week.
[VOA標準英語]Guinea's Military Ruler Tries to Distance Himself from Violence2009-09-30
Guinea's military ruler is trying to distance himself from the violence that killed at least 58 people in the capital on Monday who were protesting his possible candidacy in next year's presidential election.
[VOA標準英語]Pentagon Says Troops Killed in Philippines Hit by Roadside Bomb2009-09-30
The U.S. Defense Department says two U.S. troops and a Philippine Marine killed in the southern Philippines on Tuesday were targeted by an improvised explosive device - a weapon that has killed more U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan than any other insurgent tactic.
[VOA標準英語]30 Afghan Civilians Killed in Roadside Bombing2009-09-30
Local officials in southern Afghanistan say a roadside bomb blasted a passenger bus Tuesday, killing 30 civilians and wounding at least 39 others. The latest violence comes days after a U.N. report declared August the deadliest month of the year for civilians in Afghanistan.
[VOA標準英語]G20's Stronger Economic Role Reflects Asia's Growing Influence2009-09-30
President Barack Obama is expected to announce that the G20 group of nations, which includes the Asian economies of India, China, Indonesia and South Korea, will replace the G8 in coordinating the world economy. The G8 represented only the more developed economies of North America, Europe, Japan and Russia.
[VOA標準英語]Death Toll in Philippines Continues to Climb from Tropical Storm Ketsana2009-09-30
Philippine authorities say that 240 people have died in the floods caused by Tropical Storm Ketsana but that number is likely to rise. And rescue efforts could be hampered by new storms that could be heading toward the Philippines.
[VOA標準英語]Economic Leaders Expand G7 to G202009-09-30
The G20 summit will give emerging economies a larger role in the debate and decisions about global economic issues in the future. The gathering is also moving toward agreements to limit bonuses paid to bankers.
[VOA標準英語]Conflict, Drought Forcing Thousands of Somalis to Flee to Kenya2009-09-30
The UN refugee agency says conflict and drought are forcing thousands of Somalis to flee to Kenya. The UNHCR reports about 6,400 refugees are arriving in Kenya every month, creating further pressure on the overcrowded Dadaab refugee camp.
[VOA標準英語]Obama, Brown, Sarkozy Criticize Iran Nuclear Revelation2009-09-30
The leaders of the United States, Britain and France say Iran must come clean about its nuclear program, warning Tehran will be held accountable by the international community. They spoke following disclosure of a second Iranian uranium enrichment facility.
[VOA標準英語]Iran Nuclear Revelation Reinforces Sanction Determination in US Congress2009-09-30
The revelation that Iran has been constructing a second uranium enrichment facility has reinforced the determination of the U.S. Congress to move forward with sanctions legislation.
[VOA標準英語]Afghanistan Troop Request Delivered2009-09-30
The top U.S. military officer has received the eagerly awaited detailed troop request from the top U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan, as the Obama administration continues a top-level review of its strategy.
該音頻有LRC字幕,點擊圖片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA常速英語 voa常速英語講解附字幕:英國救助組織呼吁對東非進行緊急救助2009-09-30
An international aid group says East Africa is facing the worst humanitarian crisis in 10 years. The Britain-based agency, Oxfam, says climate change is leading to extreme drought, killing cattle and threatening lives throughout the region. The agency is appealing for millions of dollars for emergency relief.
該音頻有LRC字幕,點擊圖片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA常速英語 voa常速英語:Conservation Groups Say Forest Carbon Market ..2009-09-30
Conservation groups say creating a global market for trading carbon credits from uncut forests is critical to fighting climate change and should be part of a United Nations-backed agreement being whittled down in Bangkok. But, there are many challenges to expanding the carbon market.
voa常速英語:UN Report Calls for Investigation Into ..2009-09-30
A U.N. fact-finding mission accuses both Israel and Hamas militants of committing war crimes during the three-week war in Gaza that began in late 2008. The report, which has just been submitted to the U.N. Human Rights Council, calls for both parties to conduct a credible investigation into alleged violations within the next six months or risk having the situation turned over to the International Criminal Court.
[VOA標準英語]UN: Refugees Increasingly Being Refused Asylum2009-09-29
The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, is appealing to countries to open their borders to asylum seekers. He says the number of places where people fleeing conflict and persecution can find refuge is shrinking and this is forcing desperate people to resort to risky measures to find a safe haven.
[VOA標準英語]Egyptian Swine Flu Polices Under Scrutiny2009-09-29
With the global concern over the H1N1 swine flu virus rising, some tourists are finding themselves inside a quarantine cell as their first sightseeing experience. Egypt is attempting to curb the virus with strict measures, but its policies and quarantine system have some questioning their efficiency.
[VOA標準英語]Liberal Democrats Could Complicate Obama's Agenda2009-09-29
President Barack Obama's political challenges on health care reform and future U.S. involvement in Afghanistan are expected to grow in the weeks ahead. The president's political skills will be put to the test as he deals with a reinvigorated Republican opposition and an increasingly vocal liberal faction in his own Democratic Party disenchanted with his efforts to move to the political center.
[VOA標準英語]Tension Mounting in Kismayo as Somali Islamists Jostle for Power2009-09-29
A power struggle between Islamist insurgent groups in Somalia's strategic southern port town of Kismayo is threatening to turn violent and tear the alliance apart. The rift between al-Shabab and Hisbul Islam Islamist groups has also been growing in other insurgent-controlled regions of Somalia.
[VOA標準英語]US Action Divides Kenya's Leadership2009-09-29
The Kenyan government appears torn over the travel ban threats issued to 15 senior Kenyan officials seen as blocking the nation's reform process. The prime minister has responded by saying the United States has the right to regulate travel into its own country, but the Kenyan president wrote a letter Saturday to President Obama complaining of a breach in international protocol.
[VOA標準英語]UN Climate Talks Open in Bangkok Amid Concerns2009-09-29
United Nations talks on climate change have opened in Bangkok with more than 4,000 participants from 177 countries trying to narrow differences on ways to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. There are concerns that time is running out on reaching a deal. And, many are looking for concrete steps from the United States.
[VOA標準英語]AFRICOM Begins Training in Gabon2009-09-29
Members of the U.S. Africa Command are in Gabon for the start of a military communications exercise involving more than two dozen African armies.
[VOA標準英語]UN Expects S. Waziristan Fighting to Result in Large Influx of Fleeing Civilians2009-09-29
The head coordinator for the U.N. Humanitarian Affairs office in Pakistan says his agency is ready to handle what is expected to be a large number of families fleeing the South Waziristan tribal region as the government intensifies its fight against the Taliban. At the same time, police say a suicide bomber killed 5 people Monday, include a tribal leader allied with the government.
[VOA標準英語]Philippines Launches Massive Relief Operation After FloodBy Heda Bayron2009-09-29
The Philippines has appealed for international assistance following the worst flooding in more than 40 years. At least 140 people have been killed as a result of the heavy rains and, as the death toll from the disaster continues to rise, the government has been overwhelmed by its scale.
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