The Statue of Liberty is forty-six meters tall from its base. It is made mostly of copper. Throughout history, images of liberty have been represented as a woman. The statue is sometimes called Lady Liberty.
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When many people think of Florida, images of sandy coastlines or theme park rides come to mind. But about an hour south of Miami lies a natural wilderness different from anywhere else in the United States.
Some American students from Florida are bringing the business of beekeeping to farmers in a community in Ghana. The program, called the Honey Project, not only gives the students a chance to own and manage a business. It also gives them a chance to help ease poverty in Agogo through beekeeping and the sale of honey.
Anne Spencer Morrow was born in nineteen-oh-six in Englewood, New Jersey. Her father was a very rich banker. He later became the American ambassador to Mexico. Her mother was an educator and poet. Anne went to Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. She wanted to become a writer. She won two major prizes from the college for her writing.
Michael Jackson would have celebrated his fifty-first birthday in August. He was just days from launching what he hoped would be a comeback -- a series of fifty concerts in London.
voa慢速英語:Short Story: 'Athenaise' by Kate Chopin2009-06-28
Athenaise went away one morning to visit her parents, ten miles back on the Bon Dieu River in Louisiana. She did not return in the evening, and Cazeau, her husband, was worried.
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A business plan, in the words of the Small Business Administration in Washington, is a tool with three basic purposes. As a communication tool, it can show possible investors how well you have considered your ideas. As a management tool, it can list goals and ways to measure progress. And as a planning tool, it can help guide a business around problems.
voa慢速英語:海洋精靈Mami Wata的多面性2009-06-27
She is part woman and part fish. She carries snakes with her and brings good luck in the form of money. She is sensual, beautiful, and protective, yet sometimes dangerous. Her name is Mami Wata. Faith Lapidus tells us about her.
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Music critics say Copland taught Americans about themselves through his music. He used parts of many old traditional American folk songs in his work. He was influenced to do this after studying music in France.
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Another way to look for a job is to do an internship. This is when a student gets experience in a position that may or may not be paid. The latest NACE survey found that seventy-three percent of graduates who did get jobs had completed an internship.
In nineteen sixty-five America's space agency, NASA, was ready to begin its second manned program. NASA called it Gemini. The program was named for the two stars Castor and Pollux in the star group Gemini. The Gemini program would send two astronauts at a time into space.
We all know that some people do not seem as emotionally strong as others when life gets difficult. But why is that? A study published in two thousand three in the journal Science offered an answer.
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Compost is a dark, rich material added to soil to improve it. Compost is produced when bacteria and fungi break down organic matter, aided by insects, earthworms and other organisms. This natural recycling returns nutrients to the soil. Some experts advise adding five centimeters of compost for every fifteen centimeters of turned soil.
The scientists say the monkeys represent an important step in how researchers study human disease. These marmosets are the first fully transgenic primates. Primates are the biological group of animals that includes monkeys and apes.
The Braddock Carnegie Library in Braddock, Pennsylvania, looks like an ancient castle. The bottom floor was once a bathhouse. Today, it houses a workshop for an arts program. But the library basement also has another use -- as a studio for making ceramic water filters for the developing world.
voa慢速英語:What Is Your Favorite Song About Summer?2009-06-22
Welcome to THIS IS AMERICA in VOA Special English. I'm Steve Ember with Shirley Griffith. This week on our program, we play some of our favorite songs about summer.
This proverb was said to be first used in the fifteen hundreds. But in the nineteen sixties, the expression rolling stone became famous in the world of rock-and-roll music. It became the name of a rock group, a song and a magazine.
The supreme leader warned that if the unrest continues, protest leaders will be held responsible for any violence. At least seven protesters were killed Monday during clashes with pro-government militia.
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On Wednesday, President Obama proposed major changes to rebuild government supervision of the financial industry.
Green collar jobs, eco-tourism, organic foods, sustainable industry, environmentally friendly businesses, the list goes on. People are trying to find simple ways to decrease their effect on the planet. Faith Lapidus considers some recent suggestions for protecting Mother Earth.
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Two-year colleges in the United States are also known as community colleges. Students earn an associate degree. Or they can train for a job for a year or two and get a certificate.
Anti-slavery extremists governed only a few states of the North. And pro-slavery extremists held power in only a few states of the deep South. There had been elections in most of the northern and southern states. Voters had rejected candidates with extremist ideas and elected moderates instead.
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The United Nations is seeking to improve electronic communication for health workers in Africa. Workers in rural areas would have a better way to get training, information and advice from doctors hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away.
The idea was simple. But making it happen was not a simple job. Thousands of scientists, engineers, technicians and other workers were needed. And money was needed -- thousands of millions of dollars.
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