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[00:00.00]The U.S. government closes its embassy[00:02.17]in the Middle Eastern country of Yemen,[00:04.00]and that is because of security concerns.[00:05.99]One official says that a group called al Qaeda[00:08.58]in the A
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[00:00.00]It's back to work for Indian government oil workers[00:02.39]after a three-day strike that crippled Indian commerce.[00:05.19]Some 45,000 oil workers walked off the job[00:08.35]after the government refused their
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[00:00.00]Lawmakers in Nebraska have approved a big change[00:02.71]to the state's controversial safe haven law.[00:05.00]Under the new measure,[00:06.58]children older than 30 days[00:07.70]can not be dropped off at state
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[00:00.00]The nation of Iran marking a milestone later on this week.[00:03.05]On Thursday, the country will celebrate the anniversary[00:05.54]of when it became an Islamic republic.[00:07.83]This goes back to 1979,[00:10.3
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[00:00.00]Iraqis put democracy into action today[00:02.13]in elections held across the country.[00:04.01]The polls have closed and a vote-counting has begun.[00:06.20]Voters went to 6,000 polling stations[00:09.36]to pick
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[00:00.00]Iranian media reports former President Mohammad Khatami[00:03.14]has announced he will run in the June presidential elections.[00:06.50]Today's announcement ends weeks of speculation.[00:09.40]Khatami is consider
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[00:00.00]Meanwhile U.S. President Barack Obama[00:02.20]is taking crisis talks to an international level.[00:04.63]British Prime Minister Gordon Brown[00:07.01]is traveling to the United States on Monday[00:09.59]to push
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[00:00.00]Strike is off, the judge says plans for a walkout[00:03.71]by a British Airway's Cabin Crew cannot happen.[00:06.91]As we reported yesterday,[00:08.59]this strike which would have last through the holidays[00:11.
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[00:00.00]Heading overseas to Thailand[00:02.17]where grenade attacks in the capital city of Bangkok[00:04.86]have killed at least three people.[00:06.60]A Thai official said the grenades came from an area[00:09.54]where p
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[00:00.00]U.S. Supreme Court says that a memorial out in the Mojave Desert[00:03.64]does not violate the U.S. Constitution.[00:06.13]The memorial is a large cross.[00:08.07]It was put up in 1934 to honor fallen soldiers.[0
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[00:00.00]Freed at last after five years in captivity,[00:03.45]three Americans held hostage by leftist rebels in Colombia[00:07.37]are back on U.S. soil[00:09.05]and will be reunited with their families.[00:11.39]Marc Gon
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[00:00.00]Health care reform enters a new era in about two hours.[00:03.26]President Obama is scheduled to sign that bill into law.[00:06.21]Then, he is going to travel around the country[00:07.99]to sell the plan to skept
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[00:00.00]Members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives[00:02.63]will be meeting this month to put together[00:04.20]a final health care reform bill.[00:06.44]The Senate passed its version on Christmas Eve.[00:09
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[00:00.00]Another day of international pressure[00:01.94]levied against Zimbabwe's embattled President Robert Mugabe.[00:04.88]British officials have announced they are stripping[00:07.94]Robert Mugabe's honorary knighthoo
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[00:00.00]The Tea Party movement is getting ready[00:02.01]for the mid-term elections coming up in November.[00:03.90]The group has released a list of heroes and targets.[00:07.50]The heroes on the list are candidates[00:0
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[00:00.00]Today marks the 30th anniversary of the Iranian hostage crisis.[00:03.54]And President Obama said[00:05.01]that he wants to move beyond the past[00:06.80]and build a relationship with Iran[00:09.09]based on mutua
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[00:00.00]Senators are considering alternatives[00:02.10]to part of their healthcare legislation,[00:03.57]specifically, the so-called public option,[00:05.81]government-run health insurance program.[00:08.10]Senate republ
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[00:00.00]Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says he refuses[00:01.99]to borrow money to keep his state running,[00:04.39]he wants legislators to focus on the state's 24 billion dollar deficit[00:08.15]or the state could be fo
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[00:00.00]Ray LaHood, the head of the U.S. Transportation Department,[00:02.87]is weighing in on Toyota's recall of millions of vehicles[00:06.17]due to a faulty gas pedal.[00:07.55]But what Mr. LaHood is saying[00:09.29]m
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[00:00.00]Toyota says that a glitch in the electronic brakes[00:02.43]could cause a delay when you step on the pedal.[00:05.13]They say it only affects 2010 models sold last year.[00:08.28]And it's those very same cars[00:
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[00:00.00]AIG is trying to prevent a new wave of backlash[00:02.57]over paying out bonuses to its top executives.[00:05.36]The Washington Post reports the company[00:07.45]has asked the Obama Administration[00:08.77]to app
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[00:00.00]The raw politics of health is heating up in the Senate.[00:04.50]Just before air last night,[00:05.93]Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced a group of 10[00:07.96]liberal and conservative Democrats had reac
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[00:00.00]Over in Europe, the financial outlook for a few countries[00:02.91]isn't looking too good.[00:04.59]The investment ratings for Spain,[00:06.42]Portugal and Greece all went down this week.[00:09.37]Greece might be
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