This is always a volatile region. Now it is really on an...You're describing there the enormous retaliation that South Korea is planning to take against North Korea. Well, North Korea also ratcheting up the rhetoric.
The information is that the bone that discovered on the beach November 12th is not, I repeat, is not Natalee Holloway. That, of course been the speculation ever since the discovery had been found by tourists that have been turned over to authorities and then sent to the Hague in the Netherlands for forensic examination.
All right. Let's hope that no one else has a TSA experience like Tom Sawyer. You may remember his story that he told us yesterday. Here it is quickly, the back story.
Ingmar Guandique has been found guilty of both counts in this case. That would be, the important one here is first-degree murder.
We begin with airport security lines. Now battle lines for travelers who say they don't want to sacrifice privacy for the sake of safety. The TSA is feeling major pushback on full body scans and pat-downs. And now even the White House is weighing in.
First up, figuring out a way forward in Afghanistan: the focus of a NATO meeting this past weekend. NATO stands for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It's a group of nearly 30 countries;
I respectfully submit that this committee should recommend to the full House that it take disciplinary action against respondent, and that this committee recommend respondent be censured by the House.
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Well, as you may recognize now, it’s my mother’s engagement ring. So, of course, it’s very special to me. Um, as Kate is very special to me now as well. It was only right the two were put together.
Airline passengers have learned to live with a lot of security rules over the years. Empty your pockets, remove your belt, take off your shoes, one cork size plastic bag, no more than three ounces of liquid per container, you get the picture. But, full body scans seem to be the tipping point for one California man, 31-year-old software engineer, John Tyner refused that scan in San Diego.
John Tyner was going on a hunting trip with his father-in-law on Saturday, he refused that full body scan, and then he turned his cell phone video camera on recording this exchange with security agents.
Right smack in the middle of November with the Thanksgiving break right around the corner, CNN Student News is bringing you the latest from your world.
The story that got us talking this morning, President Obama and other world leaders are attending the G-20 Summit, which open today in Seoul, South Korea.
Interesting because you bring up an interesting point. From the way we would see it versus the way a pilot would see it, it would be completely different, right?
All right. About that mysterious trail of smoke or vapor off the California coast. It's today's "Talker" because people are still talking about it two days later.Sure wish the Pentagon would talk more about it.
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Fortunately, this case justice delayed wasn't justice denied. But it was many many sleepless nights, it was a lot of agitation, a lot of tears.
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A very loud bang,I was sitting right on the side where the engine is, ah,the loud bang with a little bit flare for a short time and the engine was shut up pretty much immediately from the flight deck. Ah,on flight I analysed the situation.Ah,thanks the Qantas crew by the way for doing a phenomenen job and bringing us down safely.
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Because if everyone who fought for change in 2008 shows up to vote in 2010, we will win this election. I am confident in that.