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The U.S. Gulf Coast, and we're looking at claims related to the oil spill there. BP, the company that owns the well that the oil leaked out of, is responsible for the costs of the spill. It's set up a $20 billion dollar account to pay people or companies that were affected.
Rescue crews have been frantically drilling since the cave-in on August 5th. And yesterday, they were finally able to lower a probe into the mine, then the miners tied a note to it saying that they're alive.
Now, hay is for horses and geniuses apparently, as tributes go, this one to Albert Einstein at least unique. Well it’s hard to guess how its honoree might feel about cows chewing leisurely on his visage. As JeanneMoos reports. Honors, like everything else, are relative.
And Iran is making a new type of military weapon. It's a long-range drone, an unmanned arial vehicle. They're pretty common in modern combat.
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Well, that sense may be getting worse, especially for you all. And as somebody who played the drums in middle and high school. I sympathize with you. There's a new study out about 12 to 19 year old. It found that the number of teens who suffer from early signs of hearing loss is going up dramatically. We want you to look at these statisticses, they're pretty surprising.
Severe flooding has left 20 percent one fifth of the country underwater, and officials are worried about the threat of disease. A lot of the victims are walking through dirty flood waters, and that can lead to the spread of things like cholera or typhoid. Experts are estimating that as many as 3.5 million children are at risk of getting sick.
Another term you hear often among the developping community is the donor fatigue, It seems for the past several years, Pakistan is being on their seemingly endless campaign to raise the money for their hurting economies, the fight against Taliban. They had earthquake here in 2005, the refugee crisis last year. Perhaps, donors are tired of giving although the aid community says that is absolutely not a good excuse.
So analysts, while most of them seem to agree that China will overtake Japan as the second largest economy in the world some time this year, we do have to wait for those annual numbers for 2010 to come out. Emily Chang, CNN, Beijing.
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One woman did die, and we also understand that two people at least are undergoing surgery or need surgery for head traumas that they sustained, including a 12-year-old, lightning may have had a role in this, that as the aircraft was coming into land, it may have been hit by a lightning strike. But that is something that crash investigators will be looking at.
An extradition means you can require that the governor of Michigan send an extradition warrant to you, down here to me, requiring your return to Michigan. That takes some time. That takes about three months.
The floodwaters have devastated towns and villages, downed power and communications lines, washed away bridges and roads and inflicted major damage to buildings and houses.
Task force investigators coordinated with TSA authorities and discovered the suspect's name was in a database, showing a ticket had recently been purchased from Atlanta to Tel Aviv in the suspect's name.
The landslide pour to Zhouqu town in seconds , leaving behind mud and rock several stories high, buildings destroyed, families broken. Floodwaters cut through the disaster site in every direction. Even when rescuers do find a body, it takes hours to get it out. The dead lined the streets, and the makeshift more. There is a danger of disease spreading, heat stroke and a lack of clean water, but the digging goes on.
Well, we are going to take a look at some astonishing video of a tornado. Let's take a listen. This is in Minnesota as it just splinters a farmhouse.
Emergency crews in the northwest of China are still searching for survivors after a landslide over the weekend swept away houses, bridges and cars.
The 9 Turkish activists killed have been flown home and buried. The Mavi Marmara, the aid ship on which they were travelling, hoping to get to Gaza, has been transported back to Turkey. The physical reminders of the Israeli military operation in the early hours of May 31st have left Israel what remains is the commission to find out what went wrong.
In the heartland of Pakistan, they fought to save their livelihood. In the village of Chachran Sharif, people depend on livestock for a living. So when rising floodwaters buried part of their village, they packed their animals on boats and headed across a lake that wasn't there just a week ago.
Superhero to the rescue. We know he can leap over tall buildings and pick up cars with bare hands. But, who knew that Superman could save a real family's home from foreclosure? Yeah, it looks like that's exactly what's going to happen.
I signed an order last night to BP and about 8:30 eastern daylight time this morning they started pumping cement into the well. They will do that throughout the day. When that is done I'll make sure they have all the cement in place where it needs to be.
A number of pro-government's news websites, including the Fars News Agency which is closely tied to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, Rosemary, they all reported initially that a home-made hand grenade had been thrown at the convoy as the Iranian president was travelling through at the western town in Hamadan, on one of his frequent provincial visits around the country and that somebody had been detained shortly after that blast.
It's before dawn in the trauma bay at Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan. Another soldier wounded in the fighting down south, surgeons, nurses, doing everything they can.