History made in Australia. Julia Gillard’s sworn in as the country’s first female prime minister, but keen to mark the achievements of her predecessor.
This is the most devastated area here in the town of Branquinha, located around next to the Mundau River, which broke its banks and flooded all of this area. Take a look at what's left of that building.
Tell us why you are advocating to get more African- American males into classrooms, recruiting them to become teachers.
Today I accepted General Stanley McChrystal’s resignation as commander of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan. I did so with considerable regret, but also with certainty that it is the right thing for our mission in Afghanistan, for our military, and for our country. I'm also pleased to nominate General David Petraeus to take command in Afghanistan, which will allow us to maintain the momentum and leadership that we need to succeed.
But I think it's great that they are showing the way, that they're setting a lead, and, you know, doing something that's really ethical of their life. I think that's important.
So managing your hard-earned money wisely, how do you that? It's critical, especially in these economically uncertain times. So here with some important dos and don'ts, financial adviser, Ron Hart. So get your notepad out because you are about to get some free financial advice.
I'm pleased to announce that BP has agreed to set aside $20 billion to pay claims for damages resulting from this spill. This $20 billion will provide substantial assurance that the claims people and businesses have will be honored. It’s also important to emphasize this is not a cap. The people of the Gulf have my commitment that BP will meet its obligations to them.
I wasn’t involved in any of the decision-making. It’s clear that there were some discussion amongst the engineering team and that an engineering judgment was taken.
They don't know any of them which is very important to understand. Another things to know is that a lot of these local gas station owners have locked into this very, very long term contract, years years with which ever company, ah, basically their brand, so they just jump out that with cost of tons of money;
Tomorrow there will be a hearing that could put Aaron Vargas behind bars for up to ten years. Vargas pleaded no contest to shooting this man to death, Darrel McNeal. Vargas says McNeal molested him and stalked him for almost two decades. Since then, many others say they, too, were molested by McNeal. And now thousands of others are asking that Vargas receive no prison time. It is a plea Vargas' sister is leading.
Why would a mural showing kids smiling and having fun make some people so angry? Would you believe it has to do with the color of their skin. This is a mural at Miller Valley Elementary School in Prescott, Arizona. School officials told the artist to lighten the skin tones of two of their minority students, the children on it but they later backed off.
there is a lot social media activity happening out there to help mark the one year anniversary of what many people call the Twitter revolution.
The game is over, but now the analysis starts. United States tied with England. I have with me several fans from both camps who watched this. Let's start with Andy Pope; he played with US men's national team in several World Cups. What do you think, one-one?
Hi, I am Jewel, and together we can make an impact for clean water, I was homeless for a year when I was 18 years old, and I had bad kidneys and I had to drink a gallon of clean water a day and I couldn't afford it.
Germany has a large economy and such an event is a -- a very little, tiny one. It was from the very beginning very unlikely that there would be a big impact on the economy.
In the last 24 hours the production of the Discover Enterprise over the wellhead produced 11,000 barrels of oil.
This is bigger than the Super Bowl. This is actually bigger than the Olympics. This is really a big deal for Africa, but it’s also a big deal for the United States. Because you know they really have something to prove. Much of the world sees them really as rookies in football but they are expected. They are playing England who actually invented football tomorrow.
Natural History here in Atlanta. We begin with another look at the technology that will come into play if the United States goes to war with Iraq. Chances are the stealth bomber would be in the first wave of attack. The planes are now based in Missouri, but as Jamie McIntyre tells us, the military is preparing to move the bombers closer to the action.
Over this past semester, we've covered some huge headlines. We've explored the debate over health care reform, examined the devastation caused by a massive earthquake in Haiti, and we've taken you up close to see an erupting volcano. Here's a look back at some of the biggest stories from this semester.
Always awesome! This one, though, is a little bittersweet for us because this is our last show of the school year. You know who I am. Let's start things off with a quick check of today's headlines.
And that's what you seniors all across the U.S. are doing right now, putting on your mortar boards and graduation gowns as you get your diplomas. Finishing high school, as you know, doesn't automatically mean going on to college... unless you go to Arrupe Jesuit High in Denver, Colorado. Nelson Garcia of affiliate KUSA fills us in on the school's graduation streak.
Around 25 percent of those tornadoes form in an area that's called Tornado Alley. Colorado is part of that, and it's where this tornado showed up on Monday. These pictures are amazing; look at this. Twisters like this one can sometimes do a lot of damage. But early reports indicated no injuries or major problems with this one, just a lot of power lines knocked down. Tornado Alley sees a lot of twisters pop up in the spring. But forecasters point out that these storms can happen anywhere, at any time.
It's Wednesday, I'm Carl Azuz, this is CNN Student News, bringing you 10 minutes of commercial-free headlines from around the globe. In fact, our first story is about a global response.
It’s business as usual at the Financial District. But there is an air of concern.