Well, we take so many things for granted. Employees will wash their hands before making your food. Police and firefighters will come when you call them and doctors who poke and prod you are using clean instruments. Well, hold off on that last one. One Canadian hospital is warning patients about a potentially deadly problem that went unchecked for nearly two years. Louise Heartland has the outrage.
You've all been told saving's important. But it can be hard to do sometimes, especially in a recession. There was a recent survey that found that 54 % of adults who were interviewed said they had not been able to save money over the past year. Recently, I talked with CNN anchor and chief business correspondent Ali Velshi about your questions on saving; when, where, how much, things like that. Listen to what Mr. Velshi had to say.
A feature focus on a formidable feline. You know it. Fridays are awesome. Thank you for spending part of yours with CNN Student News, from the CNN center. I’m Carl Azuz.
Democrats and Republicans are still reporting progress on a bill aimed at reforming Wall Street. And a senate committee approved related legislation yesterday. Tough new limits on Wall Street stability to trade those controversial and risky derivatives, but senators weren't the only ones there. Who else? Lobbyists. Financial sector has spent $455 million on lobbyists to protect the billions of dollars they have at stake. Senior congressional correspondent, Dana Bash, take Sunday inside.
Racial profiling or good police work, that’s the basic debate in Arizona over controversial new immigration bill, a protest caravan on the way to Phoenix from L.A, illustrating how the local issue is fanning flames across the country. CNN’s Casey Wian has more.
We've been talking a lot about this volcano in Iceland and all the problems it's caused for travelers in Europe. Well, our Gary Tuchman is actually in Iceland where that volcano is. And he took a helicopter trip over the erupting volcano that has caused all these problems. And he got some video and a vantage point you have just got to see.
15 years ago today; 168 people killed, 19 of them children. You saw there one of the troopers who stepped up. We're looking at some images here now.
Politics now. The Tea Party movement is getting ready for the mid-term elections coming up in November. The group has released a list of heroes and targets. The heroes on the list are candidates that the Tea Party plans to support in the elections. The targets are anyone that the group would like to see voted out of office.
A volcano in Iceland had been dormant for more than 180 years. But then a few weeks ago, this started. The volcano is erupting, and some scientists say it could last for more than a year. That's about how long it went the last time this happened,that was back in the 1820s. This time, the impact is being felt all across Europe. Here, you see London's Heathrow airport: planes on the ground, where you don't see them is in the sky. The UK is not alone in this. More than half a dozen countries cancelled flights yesterday. Up to 6,000 total across the European continent.
What parts of it are we going to explore? How much money are we going to spend to get there? President Obama has a new strategy that answers those questions. He talked about it in a speech at the Kennedy Space Center yesterday. The president says he is 100 percent committed to NASA and its mission. He's proposing that the agency get an additional $6 billion over the next 5 years, with a goal of sending humans to Mars by the 2030s.
According to the police chief she was reading this book about a little girl who would go out on nature walk, and that's what she was doing. She went out on a nature walk. She just got lost, ended up going deep into this thicket.
In central Florida an eleven year old girl woke up in her own bed this morning and that's reason to celebrate, that's because she had actually vanished into an alligator infested swamp area on Friday only to be found yesterday alive and well, it's an incredible story. Now David Mattingly is here to tell us all about it, she's lucky.
People were friends with me because they were scared of me. They were friends with me because they wanted to see something happen. I was somebody else's laugh. Any time they see me, they could easily know which buttons to push.
Japan is getting heavy-handed in its crackdown on smoking. To discourage smokers, Tokyo has raised the price of cigarettes and attached harsher label warnings on their packaging. The measures are dealing a blow to monopoly cigarette maker Japan Tobacco. But the company has come up with creative ways to keep its market of smokers happy and lighting up. Rebecca McKinnen has more.
I offered it back to them and they said it's too late at this point. So I - I don't know where else to turn to and I'm out of time.
And China is where U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was yesterday. During a week-long trip to Asia that he is taking, Secretary Geithner stopped over in Beijing and meet with his Chinese counterpart. One issue they were expected to talk about was the value of the yuan; that's China's currency.
We are getting things started with START. It stands for Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. It's an agreement between the United States and Russia for both countries to reduce the number of nuclear weapons they have. President Obama also says it's part of the effort to reset the relationship between the two countries.
As part of that goal to maintain international security, NATO forces are currently fighting against the Taliban in Afghanistan. NATO commanders had been planning to launch an operation in the region around Kandahar -- Afghanistan's second-largest city -- in June. But Afghan President Hamid Karzai says he won't let NATO move in until local leaders approve.
The U.S. government says it will stop making new, nuclear weapons, and it's reconsidering what to do with the weapons that already exist. The announcement came yesterday, two days before President Obama is scheduled to sign a treaty with Russia that would reduce how many nuclear weapons both countries have. It also comes one week before he hosts a global meeting on nuclear security. More than 40 countries are expected to attend that.
The belief that fatty foods like bacon and fried eggs are bad for your health is under question. The popular Atkins diet says the real culprit for making people fat are carbohydrates. Malika Kapur gives us the bottom line now on the craze for saying “no” to carbs.
Officials there are trying to figure out what caused the worst U.S. mining disaster in 25 years. It happened Monday afternoon at the Upper Big Branch South Mine: a massive blast inside the coal mine that killed at least 25 people, left four others trapped. Rescue workers are trying to drill their way into the mine, but they need to get 1,200 feet down inside of it, and that could take a while. Not only is the process slow, it's dangerous. Crews are having to deal with potentially harmful gases.
Their child has brain damage and this is what they got. Sorry, no food, no service, no sympathy. Now get out. A Texas couple says that's pretty much how it went down at a restaurant and how they were treated. I guess sensitivity isn't on the menu.
Nobody can remember anything worse than the flooding right now in Rhode Island. And that's because it's the worse there in 200 years.
For the last several months, CNN has followed the path of a young man from his small town to his coming of age in the U.S. military. Today, in the sixth part of a soldier's story, we check in at a very pivotal point of his young military career, a weigh station that could well lead to war.