we've taken on a pretty special project this week at CNN. We are looking at where the $158 billion in stimulus funds. That's nearly 57,000 projects, by the way.
The Sundance Film Festival gets under way with a promise to return to its roots, showcasing independent films. Founder Robert Redford is also urging festival-goers to remember the earthquake victims in Haiti.
Some help for all of you who are helping Haiti’s earthquake victims and a new bill let you write off your donations this tax season. Our personal financier Jerry Malice is on top of that force. Jerry, look, this sounds like good news all round.
As the mortgage crisis has deepened, more people have turned to Uncle Sam for their home loans. And for many, it's their last hope for home ownership.
There certainly will be some Wednesday morning quarterbacking. But none of that will take place over on the Republican side of this race. Scott Brown was a very different crowd last night at his victory party.
Here's the tally. 52-47 for the Republican Scott Brown. Yes, I said the Republican in Massachusetts. Not used to hearing that, but it's not just about Massachusetts.
Coakley's challenger, the pickup-driving Republican State lawmaker Scott Brown, has the backing of frustrated Tea Party voters.
And since yesterday was the third Monday in January, it was also Martin Luther King Day. For a lot of people, it's a day on, not a day off; a time to give back to their communities. Folks took part in hundreds of service projects across the U.S., from repainting schools to serving food at soup kitchens.
All the 30,000 victims of the nation’s largest identity theft scheme had in common were credit reports. Reports on file with three of the nation’s largest credit report agencies were stolen in wholesale batches and sold for 60 dollars a piece.
we're at the Caribbean Market in -- it's a big supermarket that collapsed in Pour-au-Prince. This is just one of the locations where rescue teams have been frantically working, trying to dig out survivors still alive after nearly five days under the rubble.
The head of the commission said he wanted to hear the bankers talk about their companies' roles in causing the crisis. The executives acknowledged that their banks had made mistakes, but said they didn't realize how bad those mistakes were at the time.
Massive devastation, severe loss of life, uncertainty about what to do or where to go: That is what is facing survivors of Tuesday's deadly earthquake in Haiti. The Caribbean island nation is home to around 9 million people. The Red Cross says that one out of every three of those residents was affected by this quake.
That's what he said. But was it racist? Was it true but crudely phrased or was it just plain clueless? Our Soledad O'Brien looks closer at what's really motivating his apology.
Alright, we didn't show you that report to scare you about flying; we wanted to point out some of the challenges that face security personnel. One way for travelers to help is to know what to expect ahead of time. At the TSA's Web site, TSA.org, you can read up on current security rules and the reasons behind them.
The aerial assaults over Iraq have been virtually constant since the conflict began. But members of the US Air Force have other tasks besides flying attack sorties. Harris Whitbeck in southeastern Iraq has more now on the duties of one mobile air unit.
We take away guns and bombs, the terrorists use box cutters. We take away box cutters and knitting needles, and they put explosives in their shoes. We screen shoes, they use liquids. We limit liquids, they strap explosives in their underwear. This is a stupid game, we can't win, and we should stop playing it.
It is 10 percent. You're right, Heidi. And that is a number that's uncomfortable for many people, for both you and I, people on Main Street, and people who are in power, who are looking at a 10 percent unemployment rate and saying that's just not sustainable. Eighty-five thousand jobs lost, 10 percent unemployment rate still for the year of 2009. 4.2 million jobs were lost in this economy. And when you look at the recession, overall, 7.2 million jobs were lost.
Back from the weekend and ready to bring you the headlines, this is CNN Student News and I'm Carl Azuz. Let's get started.
As you know, much of the nation including the south is still in the grips of an arctic blast. Here is what we know at the time. Frigid temperatures blamed for at least seven deaths across the nation. But, today, snow is a real concern in several southern states, and behind that, icy precipitation.
2009, clearly a very rough year for the economy. And as you would imagine, scam artists were out in full force taking advantage of those tough times.
It’s been used for years by computer owners to chat online but most companies ban it from the workplace. Now in stant messaging is one of the hottest applications on office computers and some companies are encouraging it.
We have an update for you now on the U.S. Embassy in Yemen. Today it is back open and ready for business. Washington closed the embassy on Sunday because of the threat of an al Qaeda attack.
Your safety is the focus today at the White House. President Obama is meeting with his top national security team to review the attempted terrorist bombing of Northwest flight 253. What went wrong and how can the system be fixed? CNN White House correspondent Suzanne Malveaux is joining us now to set the stage. Suzanne, who exactly is going to be in the meeting and what can we expect to come out of it?