Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announcing yesterday that a public option will be in the Senate bill that will allow states to opt out if they want. Reid admits he is not sure if he has enough votes though. It could be a week before the Congressional Budget Office figures out how much it would cost.
President Obama has declared a national emergency concerning the flu virus, the H1N1. His order Friday night gives doctors and hospitals the OK to cut through government red tape so they can quickly act if things get worse. The CDC says already more than a thousand people in the US have died from H1N1.
Well, air traffic controllers in Minneapolis where a Northwest commercial plane flew passed its scheduled destination, weren’t the only ones concerned, it turns out the White House was also monitoring the situation, but it’s still unclear if president Obama knew about it. Northwest flight 188 was out of contact, out of radio contact, any kind of communication in fact for more than an hour Wednesday night flying 150 miles beyond where it was supposed to land.
But first, let's begin with some breaking news out of Pakistan. A drone attack on a house of a suspected Taliban leader. It happened in the city of Damadola, 14 people killed, including three foreigners.
A bill more than 10 years in the making is heading to the President's desk today. It makes crimes against a person based on their sexual preference, a federal hate crime. The bill's name for Methew Shepherd, a young gay man who was tied to a fence and beaten to death a decade ago. Some religious groups have argued the law could criminalize conservative speech, but the Attorney General says it would be used only to prosecute violence.
The Obama administration is ordering the nation’s biggest bailed-out companies to severely cut pay packages to the top executives. Salaries are expected to be slashed by an average of 90%. President Obama’s pay czar Kenneth Feinberg has been reviewing salary packages to get the companies in the position to pay back the bailout loans as soon as possible.
Afghan president Hamid Karzai’s chief rival Abdullah Abdullah has agreed to a runoff election. Karzai was close to rejecting a second round vote, changed his mind though after marathon talks with Democratic Senator John Kerry, and fresh from his mission in Afghanistan, Kerry is gonna be talking with President Obama a little later today.
CNN has learned a presidential runoff between Afghan president Hamid Karzai and his main challenger Abdullah Abdullah will be taking place on the 7th of November. The runoff was accepted today by Karzai at a news conference with Senator John Kerry and a ref from the United Nations.
Work is proceeding in both the house and Senate on reaching a consensus health care reform bill. Democrats are meeting behind closed door to merge two senate bills, hoping to bring the finish product to the floor by the end of the week. Three other bills need to be merged in the house for the five bills in congress do include a public or government run option.
Criminal charges expected in that runaway balloon scare. Police searched the Colorado home of the Heenes yesterday, and the family claimed their giant weather balloon got loose on Thursday. At first there were fears that their young son was actually inside of that balloon, but he was later found hiding safely at home.
Three US service members, they've been killed in militant attacks in Afghanistan. And a statement from the International Security Force says two were killed in a roadside bomb attack in Eastern Afghanistan, the other was hit by an explosion in southern Afghanistan.
Speculation is growing about whether Thursday's runaway balloon story in Colorado was a hoax. Initially, Falcon Heene's family said they feared the six-year-old climbed inside this homemade balloon which then took off and floated some 50 miles. Police launched a huge search and rescue operation only to find the six-year-old was actually hiding in the attic of his home.
Now that the Senate Finance Committee has approved its massive healthcare overhaul bill, the sniping has started. Republicans are ripping it, calling it too expensive; Democrats say that GOP is just getting in the way of important reform.
Good morning, from the CNN center here in Atlanta, I am Melissa Long, it is a Wednesday, the 14th of October. Here's a look at some of the stories making news this morning.
On Capitol Hill, the Senate Finance Committee is on its way to a vote on health care reform. The plan expected to pass is considered by supporters as the best hope of five reform proposals in Congress right now. Next step, of course, senior Senate Democrats will meet to try to merge this proposal with a more liberal one from another committee.
Six people sentenced to death in China, all charged with murder and other crimes in connection with the July riots that killed 200 people. A seventh person received a life sentence. All seven charged are Uyghurs Muslims living in western China’s Xinjiang province.
Pakistani commando stormed the building at the army’s national headquarters, freeing 39 hostages. Two of the militants who have taken those hostages were killed along with three hostages, two other militants blew themselves up and one was captured. The incident began yesterday when militants attacked that headquarters, four attackers, six guards killed in the initial attack.
President Obama has won the Noble Peace Prize.The stunning announcement made earlier this morning.The Nominating Committee said that Mr. Obama was chosen for his international diplomacy efforts.And they specifically mentioned his outreach to the Muslim World and his work on climate changing and nuclear disarmament.White House correspondent Dan Lothian explained how President Obama heard thenews.
Now President Obama has another meeting this coming week on a developing strategy for Afghanistan. He met for three hours yesterday at the White House with top advisors. President says he wants to identify objectives in Afghanistan before he decides whether to commit more troops. Commanding general in Afghanistan wants as many as forty thousand troops soon.
A deadly bombing ripped through Kabul's crowded streets just as people were getting to work this morning. Afghanistan officials say 12 people died in the blast. The Taliban has claimed responsibility, saying that a man blew up an SUV outside the Indian embassy.
Today is the eighth anniversary of the war in Afghanistan, and the biggest strategic decision could be still to come. Seven hundred and seventy eight US troops have died there since the war against the Taliban began just a few weeks after 9.11.
Firefighters are finally gaining some ground against the wildfire just outside of Los Angeles because of the cooler weather. A spokeswoman for the US forest service says it’s not expected to spread unless strong winds develop. Most of the people who live in the area have been evacuated. Officials still do not know what started the fire.
At least 4,000 people in southern California have been ordered out of their homes because of a fast moving wildfire that is threatening a very popular resort town. A mandatory evacuation order remains effective this morning for the town of Wrightwood. US Forest Service officials are saying the so-called sheep fire has destroyed 3 homes there and it is now threatening hundreds more.
Hello,we’ll turn to the issue Number 1 now, the job scene. September was worse than the experts actually thought it would be. The Labor Department reporting 263,000 jobs were lost in September.