該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:法國再次抗議提高退休年齡(2010-09-30)2010-09-30
President Obama has urged those attending the United Nations General Assembly to put aside pessimism and cynicism and support recently-relaunched Middle East peace talks. He said that while the parties themselves must answer what he described as the call of history, the world should rally behind them. Mark Mardell at the UN has more on the speech by President Obama.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:國際金價再創新高(2010-09-29)2010-09-29
President Obama has condemned as inexcusable comments by the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday, suggesting that the US government was behind the September 11th attacks. President Obama drew a contrast between Mr Ahmadinejad's remarks and the expressions of sympathy from ordinary Iranians at the time. Mr Obama was speaking in an interview with the BBC Persian service.
The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has urged Jewish activists on the occupied West Bank to show restraint as Israel's partial freeze on settlement building expires. Settlers have said they will restart construction as soon as the moratorium runs out.
The opposition Labour Party in Britain has elected the former climate change minister Ed Miliband to be its next leader. Mr Miliband who is 40 years old, said the new generation was stepping forward, he narrawly beated his elder brother, former foreign secterary David Miliband Rob Watson reports.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:社交網站Twitter遭黑客襲擊(2010-09-25)2010-09-25
Republicans in the US Senate have blocked a controversial proposal to allow homosexual men and women to serve openly in the American military. They argue that military readiness will be damaged by reversal of the existing policy “don’t ask, don’t tell” which allows gay people to serve provided they don’t reveal their sexuality. Here’s Paul Adams.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:茶黨女明星稱自己涉足巫術(2010-09-24)2010-09-24
The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has warned world leaders not to use the economic downturn as an excuse for missing targets on reducing poverty.
BBC News在線聽力附文本(2010-09-23)2010-09-23
China says it has suspended all senior government-level exchanges with Japan after a Japanese court extended the detention of a Chinese fishing boat captain arrested in disputed waters earlier this month.
BBC News在線聽力附文本(2010-09-22)2010-09-22
The top United Nations official in Afghanistan has told the BBC that it's too early to say whether today's vote has been a success.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:美科學家夫婦出售核機密被抓(2010-09-21)2010-09-21
In a historic speech at the houses of parliament on the second day of his visit to Britain, the Pope has said the world of faith and the world of secular rationality need one another for the good of civilization.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:七分之一美國人生活貧困(2010-09-20)2010-09-20
Pope Benedict has urged Britain to stay faithful to its Christian roots even in an age of religious disbelief. On the first day of his state visit, Pope Benedict addressed tens of thousands of people at an open-air mass in the city of Glasgow. Colin Blane reports.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞:美國要求封堵墨西哥灣廢棄油井(2010-09-19)2010-09-19
One of the Pope’s former senior advisors says he won’t be accompanying the Pontiff on his historic visit to Britain, which begins on Thursday, because of illness.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:國際棉花價格大漲(2010-09-18)2010-09-18
An American woman freed on Tuesday after more than a year in an Iranian jail has thanked all those involved in her release. The woman, Sarah Shourd, said her priority now would be to work for the release of her two companions who’re still in prison in Iran.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:科學家研制出觸覺敏感人造皮膚(2010-09-17)2010-09-17
Cuba has announced plans to lay off huge numbers of state employees in the biggest shift to the private sector since the revolution in 1959. The Cuban labour federation said half a million jobs would go by March, and the total redundancies could exceed a million, one in five of all Cuban workers. James Read reports.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:歐洲銀行體系出臺更嚴厲新規(2010-09-16)2010-09-16
The Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan says the government has comfortably won a referendum on a series of changes to the constitution. Mr Erdogan said according to provisional results, the changes to curb the power of the army and reshape the judiciary had received almost 60% approval.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:希臘總理稱不會放松緊縮政策(2010-09-15)2010-09-15
Hours after ceremonies took place in the United States on the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, protesters have been staging demonstrations over the building of an Islamic centre near Ground Zero, the place where the attacks happened. Our correspondent Matt Wells reports.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:伊朗取消釋放入境美國女子計劃(2010-09-14)2010-09-14
The former military ruler of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf, says he is forming a new political party for an attempted comeback in the next general election due in 2013. He was speaking to Owen Bennett Jones who has this report.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:經合組織稱經濟復興減緩(2010-09-13)2010-09-13
The threat by the pastor of a fringe Christian church in Florida to burn copies of the Koran on the ninth anniversary of the September 11th attacks has prompted warnings of possible violent protests in other countries from both the international police agency and the US State Department.
BBC News在線聽力附文本(2010-09-12)2010-09-12
Transocean, the company which owns the rig which exploded, causing the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in April, has accused the oil company BP of having designed a fatally flawed well.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:英國大學申請者人數劇增(2010-09-11)2010-09-11
Many candidates turn to Clearing, the service that helps find university places for students at the last moment. If they don't have the marks to get into their first choice of institution, Clearing tells them about places available at other universities, though they might have to read another subject.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:巴基斯坦警察再次遭遇大規模襲擊(2010-09-10)2010-09-10
Millitants have carried out a second big bomb attack in as many days against police in northwestern Pakistan. At least twenty people were killed. The Pakistani authorities say militants may be taking advantages of the floods to step up their attacks. As Marian L. reports.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:奧巴馬宣布基礎設施重建計劃(2010-09-9)2010-09-09
President Obama has announced plans to spend tens of billions of dollars on a huge infrastructure project to create jobs and boost confidence in the American economy. Over the next six years, he said, tens of thousands of kilometres of highway would be rebuilt, and airports and air traffic control systems upgraded. Mr Obama said the plan would not only create jobs now but would make the US economy run better in the long term.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:美國軍隊再次卷入伊拉克戰爭(2010-09-8)2010-09-08
A group of suicide attackers has stormed an Iraqi army base in Baghdad, drawing American troops into the fighting just days after the United States formally ended its combat operations in the country.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:法國大規模抗議反對驅逐吉普賽人(2010-09-7)2010-09-07
The Afghan President Hamid Karzai says he's formed a national peace council to pursue negotiations with the Taliban. Mr Karzai's office described it as a significant step towards peace talks. His chief of staff, Mohammad Omar Daudzai, told the BBC that significant elements of the Taliban had indicated their willingness to negotiate.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:新西蘭發生7.2級強震(2010-09-6)2010-09-06
The man who led Britain into war in Afghanistan and Iraq, Tony Blair, has described radical Islam as the greatest threat facing the world. In a BBC World Service interview, the former British prime minister said radical Islamists - whether in Chechnya, Kashmir, the Palestinian territories, Iraq or Afghanistan - believed that anything done in the name of their cause was justified.