Now here's a man who typifies the problem for marketing people. Style journalist and music presenter Neil Balman doesn't want any branded possessions. So much so that he is preparing a big fire to burn them all. And he's writing a book about it and there will even be a TV show.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:西班牙抗議政府推遲退休年齡(2010-02-27)2010-02-27
Demonstrators have gathered in Spain to protest against government’s spending cuts. The two main trade unions say they hope tens of thousands will rally in several cities including Madrid, from where Sarah Rainsford reports.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞:德國漢莎飛行員同意停止罷工(2010-02-26)2010-02-26
An Afghan immigrant to the United States has admitted plotting to use weapons of mass destruction against New York City. Najibullah Zazi was arrested last September in the state of Colorado. Matthew Price reports from New York.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞:英反欺凌機構稱接到首相府員工投訴布朗(2010-02-25)2010-02-25
The chairman of the West African regional grouping ECOWAS, Mohamed Ibn Chambas, has said the new military authorities in Niger have assured him that they intend to return the country to democratic rule. He was speaking during a visit to the capital, Niamey, for talks with the soldiers who took power last Thursday after ousting Mamadou Tandja as president. Caspar Leighton reports from Niamey.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞:希臘總理批歐盟救濟不力竭盡全力躲避責任(2010-02-24)2010-02-24
The Greek Prime Minister, George Papandreou, has criticized the European Union's response to the financial crisis gripping his country, calling it timid. At a meeting in Brussels on Thursday, the EU offered Greece its backing without giving details of any plans to help. Malcolm Brabant reports from Athens.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞:美聯儲預測經濟增長好于預期(2010-02-23)2010-02-23
Britain has summoned the Israeli ambassador to the Foreign Office to discuss the use of fake British passports by the alleged assassins of a senior Palestinian official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai last month. Many of the hit squad members carried forge passports of people who had emigrated from Europe to Israel. Earlier, the Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said there was no proof that the Israeli secret service Mossad killed the Hamas leader. Katya Adler reports from Jerusalem.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞:奧巴馬會見達賴喇嘛(2010-02-22)2010-02-22
A coup attempt appears to be underway in Niger. Soldiers have fought their way into the presidential palace and taken the head of state, Mamadou Tandja, to a military barracks. Jonny Hogg reports.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:埃及法老圖坦卡蒙可能死于瘧疾(2010-02-21)2010-02-21
President Obama has given his backing to building the first nuclear reactors in the United States in three decades. He said the country needed a new generation of safe, clean nuclear power stations to meet its energy needs and fight climate change. Mr Obama is offering an 8-billion-dollar loan guarantee to the first plant, but only if legislation against greenhouse gas emissions is part of the package. He said that without funding for new technologies, the US risked falling behind other nations.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:美國最高齡死刑犯自然原因去世(2010-02-20)2010-02-20
On the second day of a major offensive against the Taliban in the southern Afghan province of Helmand, NATO-led forces have killed 12 civilians by mistake. A NATO statement said two rockets veered off target. Martin Patience reports.
BBC News在線聽力附文本(2010-02-17)2010-02-18
Both Houses of Parliament in Nigeria have voted to transfer power from the country's ailing President Umaru Yar'Adua to his deputy Goodluck Jonathan. There's been a power vacuum in Nigeria since November, when the president left for medical treatment in Saudi Arabia. Mark Doyle reports.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC News在線聽力附文本(2010-02-12)2010-02-12
Michael Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray has been charged by the authorities in Los Angeles with involuntary manslaughter. Dr Conrad Murray was accused of acting unlawfully but without malice. He’s due to appear in court shortly, his lawyer said he would plead “not guilty”. Here’s our correspondent in Los Angeles David Willies.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:美國一家發電廠發生爆炸(2010-02-11)2010-02-11
Exit polls in Ukraine suggest that the presidential election has been won by the pro-Moscow candidate Viktor Yanukovych. The unofficial polls indicate that Mr Yanukovych defeated his rival, the Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, by three to six percentage points. Mrs Tymoshenko's campaign manager says the result is too early to call and has also alleged that extensive fraud has taken place. Richard Galpin reports from Kiev.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:電話銀行的危險性(2010-02-10)2010-02-10
The real problem with VOIP is that it means that the telephone system is now going to be as secure as the Internet.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:英國BAE因違規行賄將向美國支付罰款(2010-02-9)2010-02-09
The British defence company BAE Systems is to pay a fine of 400 million dollars to the United States government for misleading it over arms deals. It was accused of breaching undertakings it gave to the US over payments to a Saudi official as part of a 40-billion-dollar weapons deal.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:那不勒斯批薩獲傳統特產認證(2010-02-8)2010-02-08
Ten American missionaries have been charged with kidnapping in Haiti, after they tried to take a group of Haitian children out of the country. The Baptist missionaries were arrested last week at the border with Dominican Republic. Nick Davis reports from Port-au-Prince.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:竹制服裝(2010-02-7)2010-02-07
Now, bamboo until recently was something you made furniture out of or watched a panda bear chewing into for a snack. But now this solid substance is being re-cast as a fabric for the future. Silky feeling, softer than cotton, bamboo cloth is even being recognised for its anti-bacterial qualities.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:美國防部提出廢除同性戀服役禁令(2010-02-6)2010-02-06
The Defence Department in Washington has announced a review of how to lift a ban on openly homosexual people serving in the US military. The Obama administration says the current policy is harming military effectiveness by driving key personnel out of the armed services. From Washington, Kevin Connolly.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:德國決意"私買"銀行逃稅資料(2010-02-5)2010-02-05
President Obama has presented Congress with his budget proposals for 2011, saying the United States must learn to live within its means. He said the country could not go on spending as if its deficits and waste didn't matter. Mr. Obama said America faced serious challenges, it must be prepared for a painful cuts. Kevin Connolly has this from Washington.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:一批美國人試圖拐賣海地兒童(2010-02-4)2010-02-04
The United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has told African leaders that he's outraged by the use of rape as a weapon of war. He said he was appointing a special representative to intensify efforts to stop sexual violence against women and children in conflict areas. His nominee, the Swedish politician Margot Wallstrom, said rape was a problem affecting the whole world.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:美國為對臺軍售辯護(2010-02-3)2010-02-03
The United States has defended plans for a six-billion-dollar arms deal with Taiwan despite a warning from China of serious consequences if the sales go ahead. China regards Taiwan as a breakaway province and says it will impose sanctions on American companies that sell weapons to the island. However, the US Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs Philip Crowley said the deal would contribute to maintaining stability across the Taiwan Strait.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:英前首相布萊爾出席伊拉克戰爭調查聽證會(2010-02-2)2010-02-02
The former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has said he does not regret helping the United States to remove the Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. Mr Blair was giving evidence at an official inquiry into the war. Madeleine Morris reports.
該音頻有LRC字幕 BBC新聞講解附字幕:倫敦召開阿富汗問題會議(2010-02-1)2010-02-01
Foreign ministers from some 70 countries meeting in London have backed a new strategy they hope will bring an end to the conflict in Afghanistan. Under the plan, Afghan forces will increase to more than 300,000 by next year. A timetable for handing over security of certain areas to Afghan government forces is to begin later this year, with the process completed in the whole country within five years.