AP NEWS一分鐘,是美聯社(Associated Press)推出的長度約一分鐘的新聞簡訊形式的報道。它因短小簡潔、時效性強,深受廣大英語愛好者追捧。美聯社是美國最大的通訊社,也是國際性通訊社之一,全稱為“美國聯合通訊社”,英文簡稱AP。 馬克·吐溫曾說:“給地球各個角落帶來光明的只有兩個:天上的太陽和地上的美聯社。”“美聯社時事精華,一分鐘展現鮮活世界”不但是英語聽力訓練的好素材,也是通曉國際時事的窗口。

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AP News一分鐘新聞:2012-12-312013-01-07
A Christmas Day storm spins out of the Midwest toward the East Coast, leaving behind snow as far south as Texas and Oklahoma, and a wet wintry mess in places like Washington.
AP News一分鐘新聞:2012-12-302013-01-07
President Obama and Congress members are expected back in Washington Thursday, it's an early end to their holiday break. Time is running out on the deal to avoid big tax increases and spending cuts set to go into effect next week.
AP News一分鐘新聞:2012-12-292013-01-07
The gunman in Webster New York who ambushed firefighters, killing two, left a note, authorities say, saying he wanted to burn down the neighborhood and kill as many people as possible.
AP News一分鐘新聞:2012-12-282013-01-06
Police in New York State say a man who ambushed firefighters served 17 years for manslaughter in the death of his grandmother. Police say the 62-year-old killed himself after setting fire to his house, killing 2 firefighters.
AP News一分鐘新聞:2012-12-272013-01-06
Some members of Congress say they are not optimistic about avoiding the fiscal cliff. Congress is expected back at work Thursday, while President Obama is expected back from Hawaii after a few days.
AP News一分鐘新聞:2012-12-262013-01-06
Last-minute shoppers crowded into malls and stores during the last weekend before Christmas, but many didn't seem to be in the spirit of spending. To entice shoppers, retailers large and small have expanded hours and stepped up promotions.
AP News一分鐘新聞:2012-12-252013-01-05
In Newtown, Connecticut and across the country, bells have chimed to mark one week since the shootings that left 20 school children dead at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
AP News一分鐘新聞:2012-12-242013-01-05
A Republican plan to avoid the fiscal cliff came to an abrupt end. Plan B, as it was called, would have kept tax rates down for most Americans, but would not have addressed the spending cuts that take effect January 1st.
AP News一分鐘新聞:2012-12-232013-01-05
Snow in the Rocky Mountains could cause problems farther east as the first major winter storm of the season moves from Colorado to the Plains. Strong winds could spawn blizzard conditions.
AP News一分鐘新聞:2012-12-222013-01-04
Several more funerals are set in Newtown, Connecticut for victims of Friday school massacre. There were overlapping the memorials yesterday. Students went back to classes except for those at Sandy Hook Elementary.
AP News一分鐘新聞:2012-12-212013-01-04
In Newtown, Connecticut, students returned to class with tightened security after last week's school massacre. While funerals are also being held for the 20 children shot to death by a gunman along with 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary. That school remains closed as a crime scene.
AP News一分鐘新聞:2012-12-202013-01-04
The bodies of two young boys killed in last week school shootings have been taken to their resting places. They are among 20 children who were killed in their school Friday along with six adults. The gunman also killed his mother and himself.
AP News一分鐘新聞:2012-12-192012-12-30
A grieving Connecticut town is bracing itself for the first funerals for victims of the school shooting last week that left 20 children and six adults dead. Officials in Newtown are also debating when classes could resume and where.
AP News一分鐘新聞:2012-12-172012-12-29
President Barack Obama says a fiscal cliff deal is still a work in progress. The president has stayed largely quiet this week as the White House and House Speaker John Boehner seek a way to avert a flurry of year-end tax increases and spending cuts.
AP News一分鐘新聞:2012-12-162012-12-29
More details about the mall shooting in Oregon. Police say the gunman, 22-year-old Jacob Tyler Roberts had armed himself with a rifle stolen from someone he knew.
AP News一分鐘新聞:2012-12-142012-12-29
House Speaker John Boehner is accusing President Barack Obama of slow-walking negotiations to avoid the fiscal cliff. And he has urged him to name specific cuts in government spending he would support as part of any compromise.
AP News一分鐘新聞:2012-12-122012-12-24
And heavy snow blanked parts of eastern Europe this weekend. Croatian officials say Zagreb had its heaviest snowfall in 57 years. Half a dozen deaths have been blamed on the storms.
AP News一分鐘新聞:2012-12-102012-12-24
Marijuana is officially legal in Washington State starting on Thursday. The new law allows adults to have up to an ounce of pot for a private recreational use.
AP News一分鐘新聞:2012-12-092012-12-24
Republicans in talks to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff are calling on President Barack Obama to respond to Monday's GOP offer. But the White House is dismissing the plan saying it fails to raise the top two tax brackets for upper-income earners.
AP News一分鐘新聞:2012-12-072012-12-17
Meanwhile, the president met with a bipartisan group of governors who say they sought assurances that any cuts in spending to address the fiscal cliff would not shift the burden onto states.
AP News一分鐘新聞:2012-12-052012-12-17
Several people are known dead after about 150 concrete panels fell from the roof of a tunnel near Tokyo. Efforts to rescue any survivors trapped inside were hindered by heavy smoke after a vehicle caught fire.
AP News一分鐘新聞:2012-12-032012-12-16
And some children on their way to school in Russia stumbled upon this, a lion cub. Police say the kids took the lion to their teacher who kept it in the school gym until officials arrived and eventually brought the cub to a zoo.
AP News一分鐘新聞:2012-12-022012-12-16
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is asking for nearly 37 billion dollars in Federal aid to recover and rebuild after superstorm Sandy. The governor says the revised total includes the cost of minimizing damage from future disasters.
AP News一分鐘新聞:2012-11-302012-12-16
A diagram obtained by AP shows that Iranian scientists have run computer simulations for a nuclear weapon that would produce more than triple the explosive force of the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima. It was leaked by officials critical of Iran's atomic program.
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